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Our Fliers / Posters

Most of you have probably found our site through one of the many posters on campus, but if you didn't, or didn't get to see all of them, here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Fliers / Posters:
8.5x11 "What is furry?" flier
14x19 "What is furry?" flier
(Note that the print shop we're using tends to print things light... we had to make the background look dark on the digital version to get it to show up at all on the printed ones! On the actual fliers, it's barely visible.)

Art Prints: (Most printed at both 8.5x11 and 14x19)
Brian Edwards' "Apple Tree", 8.5x11
Brian Edwards' "Book Reading", 8.5x11
Brian Edwards' "Geologist", 8.5x11
Brian Edwards' "Holding Hands", 8.5x11
Brian Edwards' "Lost Canine", 8.5x11
Brian Edwards' "Rome Ruins", 8.5x11
Brian Edwards' "Swift Creek", 8.5x11
Brian Edwards' "Xaiazqbw", 8.5x11

For more from the excellent Brian Edwards, please check out his Yerf page.